Medical Treatment

Medical Treatment Visa

Medical Treatment visas may be available if you want to come to Australia for medical treatment, or if you want to accompany someone travelling to Australia for medical treatment.

You may also be granted a medical visa if you are coming to Australia to donate an organ for transplant.

There are both short stay (less than three months) and long stay (more than three months) visas. To be eligible, you must be:

  • Coming to Australia for medical treatment; or
  • Coming to Australia to support someone getting medical treatment; or
  • Coming to Australia to donate an organ;
  • Be a genuine visitor;
  • Have adequate funds to support yourself; and
  • Meet character, public interest and return criteria.

If you are over fifty and have had a permanent visa refused on health grounds, you may be able to stay in Australia for Medical Treatment if you are found to be unfit to leave. Generally you can only stay for the length of time of your treatment, and cannot work. You may also be able to travel back and forth from your home country.